State Council

The State Council of the Russian Federation is a constitutional state body formed by the President of the Russian Federation with a view to coordinating the functions of and facilitating cooperation between the bodies that are part of the single system of public authority, and defining the main areas of domestic and foreign policy of the Russian Federation and the priorities of national socioeconomic development.

Within the scope of its competence, the State Council takes part in drafting strategic goals and tasks of domestic and foreign policy and shaping state policy on socioeconomic development of the Russian Federation, its constituent entities and municipalities. It facilitates well-coordinated functioning and cooperation between the bodies that are part of the single system of public authority, to ensure the observance and protection of the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens.

The State Council includes the Chairman and members of the State Council.

State Council

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Federal Law No. 394-FZ On the State Council of the Russian Federation of December 8, 2020 entered into force on December 19, 2020.

Members of the State Council by position include: the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, the Speaker of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Speaker of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office of the Russian Federation, senior officials of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation (heads of the supreme executive authority of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation).

By the decision of the President, the State Council may include representatives of the political parties represented in the State Duma and representatives of local self-government. Other persons can also be included in the State Council by the decision of the President.

The Presidium of the State Council is formed to resolve current issues of the State Council’s activity.

Commissions, working groups and other working bodies of the State Council

To fulfil the tasks and perform the functions of the State Council, State Council commissions are created; working groups and other working bodies of the State Council may also be formed for this purpose.

The Presidential Executive Order No. 800 of December 21, 2020, On the Issues of the State Council of the Russian Federation, set up 18 State Council commissions in the following areas of socioeconomic development of the Russian Federation: state and municipal government; healthcare; investment; communications, telecommunications and the digital economy; culture; small and medium-sized businesses; youth policy; science; education; industry; agriculture; social policy; construction, utilities and the urban environment; transport; tourism, physical fitness and sports; ecology and natural resources; the economy and finance, and the power industry.

The same Executive Order endorsed the Provisions on the Working Bodies and the Secretary of the State Council.