The Presidential Standard

The Standard (Flag) of the President of the Russian Federation is a square cloth with three equal horizontal stripes: the uppermost is white, the middle is blue and the bottom is red.

In the centre there is a golden version of the State Seal of the Russian Federation. The cloth is gold-fringed.

Attached to the flagpole is a silver cramp iron engraved with the President’s surname, first name and patronymic and the dates of his term in office.

The shaft of the Standard is topped by a metal knob in the form of a spear.

The Standard of the President of the Russian Federation together with the Emblem of the President of the Russian Federation and the Special Copy of the Constitution are handed to the newly elected head of state at his inauguration ceremony.

After the President has taken oath, the Presidential Standard is placed in his office and a duplicate is flown from the presidential residence at the Moscow Kremlin.

The Presidential Standard